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March 27, 2017
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Cybercrime Victims Left Depressed and Traumatized

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Summary and Analysis by: David Briggs

This article discusses cybercrime and its effect on victims. Cybercrime is criminal activity on the internet like phishing, email hacking, or identity theft. Cyber Crime can affect people in the long run because it damages people emotionally and hurts their feelings. The article talks about how victims feel sad about their traumatic experience. Finally, the article offers some advice for handling victims of cybercrime like listening to how they feel, and don’t be judgmental and helping them to minimize the chance of repeat victimization.


How it relates to Trauma

The people affected by this will be traumatized and they may struggle to live daily life because they may lose money which they need for rent & other essential things.  For example when credit cards are reported stole they will become frozen. People will then have a problem paying rent, and maybe eating. This leads to even more stress and adds to their bad experience.


How it relates to my life

I know someone who was catfished. He was planning to meet someone who was not their actual photo who looked nothing like their actual photo. He was then asked to go somewhere with a lady. This lady tried to attack him. Fortunately, he was able to get away, but this shows how dangerous online encounter can be. I think anybody who has this experience online would have a hard time talking to people. I think that cybercrime is a traumatic experience that people should be aware of.

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